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Click the title headings to access the featured pages.Pope Paul VI Institute
for the study of human reproduction

The institute was founded in 1985 by Thomas W. Hilgers, MD.Hear from Dr. Hilgers in the video below.


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The NaProTechnology Revolution:
Unleashing the Power in a Woman’s Cycle

From the publishers description:

Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers draws on decades of medical experience to provide educational and revolutionary insights into the world of women’s health.

The NaPro Technology Revolution provides real solutions to real problems such as infertility, repetitive miscarriage, menstrual cramps, postpartum depression, PMS, prematurity prevention, ovarian cysts, hormonal abnormalities, irregular/abnormal bleeding, chronic discharges, polycystic ovarian disease, and family planning.

Hilgers sheds light on abnormal ovarian function, an issue that millions of women unknowingly suffer from.

His methods have proven to assist infertile couples nearly three times more successfully than those who use In Vitro Fertilization, without the dangers of early abortions, frozen embryos, or high rates of multiple pregnancy.

The NaProTechnology Prematurity Prevention Program cuts the rate from the national 12.7% to 7%. The NaPro Technology Revolution discusses what every woman has a right to know about her body, her health, and her future!
Publication Date: September 20, 2010

IVF: A Complete Guide to Understanding In Vitro Fertilization

Catholic Engaged Encounter of Northern Nevada

The Engaged Encounter Weekend offers couples a unique opportunity to look at their commitment to each other in a deeper way as they prepare for marriage. It gives them the opportunity to focus exclusively on each other for 44 hours in peaceful surroundings, free from the pressure and distractions of the outside world.


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